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"My work with Jane has been transformative. She has just the right balance of compassion and action for me. She encouraged me to look beyond today, set goals for myself, and go for them. Thank you Jane!"




Jane Tight is an Executive and Leadership Master Coach, Enneagram teacher, and certified Radical Collaboration trainer, who partners with clients to raise emotional intelligence in the workplace. She co-founded SeeChange Partners in 2004 to work with individuals, partnerships and organizations in private and corporate venues to help them to lead lives and organizations that are balanced, productive and successful.

Her client mix is diverse including: CEOs, executive teams, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, partnerships and non-profits. Jane works only with highly motivated individuals and groups who are committed to stepping out of the comfort zone to develop new neuron pathways, behaviors, and paradigms required for high functioning leadership.

Jane’s coaching training includes:

  • Certified Co-Active Coach Training from CTI
  • Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition
  • Certified Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching
  • Certified Radical Collaboration Trainer
  • International Coaching Federation Master Coach Designation
  • Certified Enneagram Leadership Trainer (Lapid-Bogda)
  • Certified Enneagram Coaching Trainer (Lapid-Bogda)
  • Certified Advanced Enneagram Organizational Development (Lapid-Bogda)

Jane has a Masters of Science Degree in Communication Disorders: Language Pathology. She founded and managed a full-service speech clinic between 1981-1998. Relevant training to her current work is in counseling, neurology, behavior change, personality development, human motivation, and healthy communication.

The best part of her work is trying to “practice what she preaches.” Jane has been married more than 30 years, has four growing sons, and a pet chicken. She enjoys skiing, tennis, backpacking, foreign travel and great books. She has lived overseas three times and plans to go again.

Jane Tight, MS, M-CPPC

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