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"Thank you for being with our group again today. As always I learned something new and enjoyed it immensely. I appreciate your being a catalyst for new thoughts, feelings and changes. Thank you very, very much for being there."

Joni Harris Minault is dedicated to helping others make meaningful, lasting changes in the ways they think, feel and act that result in success at work and in life.

She is a skilled management consultant, a powerful professional facilitator, a compassionate coach, and an incisive advisor. Joni’s clients engage her because of her relentless pursuit for clarity (tempered with wit), and to be a co-designer of actionable decision frameworks that support their game-changing strategies and tactics. Using her MBA from Stanford University, BA in Physics from the University of California at Santa Cruz and over 10 years in organizational development and interpersonal dynamics, she drives to the core of leadership and personal issues that are blocking success and fulfillment.

Joni knows change and how people react to it. After stints in international consumer marketing in the early days at Atari and later at The Walt Disney Company, and an injection of management consulting training at McKinsey, she founded and led a successful business where major change was the crux of every project. That firm, It’s Your Move, project-managed large corporate facilities relocations for over 50 companies in Silicon Valley during the first high tech boom.

Now, at SeeChange Partners she integrates her broad experience in business with her love of human dynamics. Joni’s clients (including the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University) depend on her analytical nature, continuing education in her field (she has certifications in the Enneagram Personality System, in community mediation, in the Radical Collaboration method of conflict resolution, in Organizational Diagnosis and Group Facilitation Skills, and in the Grove Consultants’ Principles of Graphic Facilitation and Visual Teams, among others), and her depth of experience, to help them understand and shatter their own roadblocks to success.

Through one-on-one sessions, workshops, and retreats, Joni helps individuals, teams, partners and boards identify, clarify and achieve their goals, communicate better, have tough conversations, deal with stress, and use their differences to their advantage. Their interactions improve and they get immediate results in their productivity and to their bottom lines.

In the Pro-bono world, Joni serves on the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Association Board and has served four years on the Stanford Women on Boards committee, a group dedicated to the mission of getting more women on corporate boards. She has completed many consulting projects with the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Consulting Teams.

For fun, Joni (and 39,000 of her now closest online friends) participated in Tina Seelig’s “Crash Course in Creativity”, where students hone their creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills through design thinking. And she attended Stanford School of Education’s Professor Dan McFarland’s online course in Organizational Analysis (not as much fun but very informative). Joni also completed an Improvisational Acting course at Bay Area Theatre Sports.

Joni lives in San Rafael, California with her husband and dog.

Joni Minault, MBA

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