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"I can honestly say I have never had such a clarifying experience. If only I had known all of this when I started this business, I could have saved myself literally years of confusion."

Business Planning and Strategy

SeeChange Partners has the capability and experience to address traditional (and nontraditional!) business planning and strategy issues. These issues may include conversations using the “WHY,” “WHO,” “WHAT,” and “HOW” model to address vision, values, and mission discussions; to facilitate an historical review of the organization to note its development through the years; to document the current state of the business and industry, to create new business plans and/or marketing plans and strategies, or process and structure maps; to assess growth potential and financials, or to develop product or competitive strategies.

We integrate this work with our processes for improving communication, teamwork, leadership and other skills of the “inner” side of business. Because the stronger we are as individuals and teams, the stronger our businesses are.

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