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"SeeChange's program was interactive, informative and educational. We all left with a better understanding of our own communication styles and a better sense for the wide range of styles in our group. Now we can access more of the best of each of us."

Who are our clients?

...Organizations in all industries including high-tech, commercial real estate, wealth management, product design, office furnishings, insurance services.  We are particularly popular with Venture Capital firms and their portfolio companies and start-up teams.

...Organizations who know that their investment in human capital brings the greatest possible return on investment. They know that more than any other factor, a key predictor of personal and professional success is a deep level of inquiry and self-awareness.

...Organizations with leaders who know that this process takes time, effort and commitment from the highest levels of the organization down, and from the lowest levels up.

Partial List of Clients

AGI Capital  
Akili Dada (NGO, Kenya)  
Arbor Advisors  
Aspera (acquired by IBM)  
Atrium Capital (VC)  
AWARD (Gates Project, Africa)  
Claremont Creek Ventures (VC)  
Crescendo Biosciences (acquired)  
Environmental Defense Fund  
GE Corporate  
GE Healthymagination  
GE Venture  
Greystripe (acquired, 6 yrs.)  
University of California at Berkeley,
Haas School of Business
Gaia - Global Aids Interfaith Alliance  
Heller Consulting, Inc.  
HighWire Public Relations  
Hot Studio (acquired)  
IDEO (extensive…)  
Incubic (Venture Capital)  
Inside Source  
Kaiser Permanente  
LimeLife (acquired)  
Mohr Davidow Ventures (Venture Capital)  
Open Table  
Pacific Biosciences  
Portola Pharmaceuticals  
Red Magnet Media  
Robert Trent Jones II  
Rodan + Fields  
Sand Hill Advisors  
Shot Spotter  
Stanford University, Graduate School of Business (speaker/workshop)  
StarVest Partners (Venture Capital)  
SunnyHills Services  
The North Face  
Total Beauty  
US Venture Partners  
Women in Banking - The Mentor Factor (conference session)  
Yes Video  
Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) (facilitation)  

What our clients say...

"We engaged Jane and Joni to help us address some challenging interpersonal conflicts within our partnership. We had to adjust our team structure to support changes in our investment strategy, and we didn't quite know where to begin. Through their coaching, interviews and some difficult but necessary meetings, they helped us identify and prioritize our key issues.

We worked especially closely with Jane who has extraordinary people skills and insight. Without doubt, SeeChange was essential in helping us move forward in a new direction.

As a result of their work, we made some long-needed changes in our team which led to a much more productive and positive environment. As individuals, Joni and Jane have unique and different styles. Together, they are focused, knowledgeable and extremely effective.

If you need to see change in your organization, I highly recommend that you call SeeChange Partners."

Russell Pyne
Founder, Managing Partner
Atrium Capital
Menlo Park, CA

"I will happily speak with a potential client who may be seeking [SeeChange Partners’] counsel for "organizational behavioral" work within their firm or corporation.

Here is a brief overview of our work together and the benefits that you have delivered for us:

- Initial discussion with Jane Tight "sized" the work ahead and Jane delivered an affordable quotation for a 1.5 day off site in NYC with a team of four partners in a venture capital firm.

- Preparatory work for an off site session with our team was conducted in an efficient manner and mentally prepared the team for a successful session.

- Conducted a 1.5 day session with our team which started with a discussion of goals for our time together. We then did an assessment of ourselves around the Enneagram – which created both some fun and introspection. The following full day accomplished a good teaming among the group. Jane and Joni were able to create a "safe" but open environment in which to share issues and goals. The once skeptical team had a good feeling of accomplishment and openness.

- The most important piece for effectiveness: the follow up coaching efforts. Jane suggested that it was important to follow up – and practice some of the insights gained during our time together. She encouraged monthly dinners with the four partners; reading some books which outline "best practices" among teams as well as follow up executive coaching calls to discuss needs. We have done this on a one-on-one basis since the off site. Speaking personally, this coaching time has been extremely beneficial – providing an outlet for discussion and counsel which has resulted in improved interpersonal relationships in a competitive, hard charging venture firm.

I welcome any telephone calls or emails to further discuss the benefits of hiring the See Change team. I am confident their professional approach and wisdom will create improved teaming, goal setting and relationship building and also provide an on-going support system. I would say that each of us on the team, including skeptics, believe that this effort was well worth the time and expense."

Jeanne M. Sullivan
General Partner
StarVest Partners, L.P.
New York City, NY
212 863-2530

“SeeChange Partners has helped us manage through some recent challenging times. We were facing several issues all at the same time.

- Managing a small virtual staff in the United States and a large division in India

- Changing our strategy around Account Management and Customer Service.

- Managing through some complex relationships issues, especially with the addition of the cultural diversity.

With the help of Jane and Joni we confronted these difficult issues head-on. Joni and Jane's level of depth in the enneagram typing system together with their very different personal styles, experiences and approaches was an incredibly powerful combination. In fact, we were in awe at their ability to get to the heart of the issues and make suggestions for action on our part - both in the areas of relationships and business process.

As a result of their work with us and the insights we gained from knowing more about ourselves and each other, we now operate with a new understanding of ourselves and each other. This understanding causes us to approach each other differently. We haven't resolved everything yet and in fact, this work has precipitated some difficult changes within the organization. We expected that. But at least now we're moving in the same direction toward a higher goal.

As working partners in this effort, Joni and Jane have been knowledgeable, flexible, available and fun. Joni continues to be a valuable resource for us acting as a "thought partner." I would not hesitate to recommend SeeChange Partners to any Leader, Board, or Organization that struggles with critical conversations, challenging management team relationships or sorting out business strategy and tactics.

John Simpson
Patra Corporation
San Francisco, CA

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