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"SeeChange completely changed my team. We now look at ourselves and each other with more appreciation for our potential as individuals and what this unique combination of personality types can bring to the process of innovation."

Coaching: Individuals, Organizations, and Relationship Systems

Here's why people work with coaches:
  • To clarify a vision
  • To achieve goals
  • To eliminate obstacles
  • To maximize abilities
  • To improve leadership skills
  • To transform themselves and their organizations

The Organization benefits from coaching because people become motivated, enthusiastic and energized.

Coaching is particularly effective in times of change such as:
  • In the start-up and new business phase
  • During reorganizations or acquisitions
  • Throughout domestic and International expansion
  • To address cultural differences (organizational history, values, generations, work ethics)

We offer several unique coaching opportunities:
  • a groundbreaking model for coaching relationship systems in organizations and groups, with teams and in partnerships
  • one-on-one coaching that engages our clients in more traditional, longer sessions for long term goals
  • the SpeedChange coaching method featuring one-on-one sessions that are short, frequent and action-oriented

The outcome of coaching is transformation — forward, positive movement in the direction of your ideal vision.

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