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"Watching how my department responded to SeeChange has been a real eye opener. I admit that in the beginning I thought we were a lost cause. The improvements in communication and cooperation have been astonishing. We are making real progress in areas that had been frozen with conflict and frustration."

Conflict Resolution

What would our places of work be like if we naturally sought cooperation instead of opposition? …Or if we welcomed conflict as an opportunity for creative problem solving, instead of dreading it as a disturbing, upsetting time-sink?

Being in conflict is a state of mind. SeeChange Partners helps shift attitudes about conflict from confrontation to collaboration and from faultfinding to problem solving. We help clients get away from taking positions and holding hostages and move into the realm of identifying and understanding each party’s interests. Win-win solutions naturally follow.

We use the concepts from Radical Collaboration (coined by James Tamm and Ron Luyet) in conjunction with learning how our personality types influence the way we each defend ourselves in conflict. Armed with self-knowledge and practical skills, we quickly and effectively change our approach to confrontation and conflict.

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