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Emerging Leaders Forum

The Emerging Leader Forum is an offering designed to grow leaders in rapidly scaling organizations. The organization selects a small group of individuals who are excelling in their roles and have tremendous potential to be leaders, inspirers or similarly powerful driving forces within the organization. This group meets once monthly for targeted training and discussion of real-time issues in a confidential and supportive cohort facilitated by SeeChange Partners. The purpose, goals and curriculum are co-designed with the client to identify areas of strength, weakness, challenge and opportunity in career development.

In addition, the group discusses the organization's state of affairs across the business, and identifies ideas for, and solutions to emerging issues. As a cross-functional group composed of motivated, talented and self-aware individuals, this program presents an opportunity to increase the organization's velocity, sharpen focus, and improve ability to execute.

Here is a partial list of curriculum offerings:

emerging leaders

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