SeeChange Partners
"A real change in group dynamics has always seemed impossible, but SeeChange showed us our strengths, how to be honest about our weaknesses, and work with who we really are rather than trying to enforce change from the top down."

How We Work

The SeeChange Partners Process is a combination of facilitation, management consulting, coaching, mediation, conflict resolution and personality assessment.

We provide an encouraging, supportive and fun environment for individual and organizational change. At the same time, we are direct and assertive in guiding our clients to discover and address underlying issues that are blocking forward progress. Then we introduce new ways of thinking, acting and behaving that support their transformation and success.

We offer:
  • Organizational Diagnosis
  • Facilitation and Graphic Facilitation
  • Meetings and Working Sessions
  • Workshops/Training
  • Off-sites/Retreats
  • Management consulting as on-call advisors and thought partners
  • Ongoing process work - weekly, monthly
  • Coaching sessions - relationship, one-on-one, SpeedChange®
  • Interviews and 360 degree assessments
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