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"The coaching I received from SeeChange not only changed my management style for the better, but they taught me life skills I needed to move my career forward. I want everyone to know how great they are."

Assessment Tools

There are many personality assessment tools. We use the Enneagram System of Personality because we have experienced the deepest level of change using the insights we ourselves and our clients gain from using this tool.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram (any-a-gram) is a tool for self-awareness, self-improvement and development of better relationships between people. There are many typologies that help us understand our behaviors, thoughts and feelings. The Enneagram is incomparable because it identifies the motivations for those behaviors, thoughts and feelings. It is a rich typology that reveals a picture of the dynamic and unique individuals we are. And unlike other typologies, we actively use it as a tool to develop into more emotionally intelligent and fully realized human beings.

The Enneagram provides individuals with an efficient, powerful lens through which to view themselves, their choices in work and lifestyle, their compatibility with their work, and their relationships with other people. This system can be used at both the individual and organizational level. To see the Enneagram diagram, click here. Begin the self-observation process of discovering your type right now! Click here.

Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment

Emotional Intelligence is the greatest predictor of success in every occupation and occupation level. (outdistancing IQ and job experience)

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to know and manage yourself, understand others accurately, and interact with others productively. (Defined by Daniel Goleman)

People with Emotional Intelligence are happier because they have:

  • Realistic self-assessment
  • Greater self-acceptance
  • Larger support and friendship networks
  • Employees with Emotional Intelligence produce more effective organizations


  • Experience less stress
  • Work better with co-workers
  • Perform better on teams
  • Take more responsibility for their behavior and work product
  • Are more willing to learn and grow


  • Manage their job stress more effectively
  • Make better decisions
  • Work more productively with people at all levels in the organization
  • Handle their authority constructively
  • Design more productive organizations

We use Mario Sikora's Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment with our clients to determine a baseline and demonstrate growth.

360 Degree Review

The 360 Degree Feedback is a process in which an individual receives confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. It covers a broad range of workplace competencies, identifying strengths, uncovering weaknesses and exposing blind spots. SeeChange Partners conducts interviews to gain insights for our clients in order to accurately establish a developmental plan for increased effectiveness and excellence in the workplace.

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