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What Business Leaders Say

We asked what women business executives, board members and non-profit leaders think are key issues facing their organizations. This is what we heard. . .

  • "communication "
  • "an inability to be authentic [at work] "
  • "[too much] vying for a piece of the pie "
  • "how to become more accepting of conflict "
  • "how to manage ourselves during conflict "
  • "trust "
  • "staff following a dysfunctional leader in an entrepreneurial culture "
  • "escalating issues to crises because of faulty assumptions "
  • "getting people to change "
  • "blaming rather than looking at the issue, and, seeking power and asserting ego instead of collaborating with others "
  • "being professional and accessible"
  • "striking a balance between fun and hard work; getting people to feel that they are contracting to something bigger than themselves "
  • "communicating with each other about what they are doing; cultural styles, communication facts, judgments, ideas. "
  • "defining boundaries "
  • "slowing down [your pace] to where the organization is "
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